agronomy services

New to the area!

Seed Source is providing agronomy services. Professional Agrologist on staff that can help you throughout the growing season. Staff members are members of the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologist and maintain good standards.

We can provide many options of services that fit your needs:

Basic Services:
  • General field soil sampling for constant rate fertilizer.

  • Provide recommendations for fertilizer and seeding rates, tailored to your equipment.

  • On-call service for any agronomy advice or in-field emergencies.

Detailed Services:
  • Detailed field soil sampling for variable rate recommendations of fertilizer and seeding rates.

  • Field mapping that provides 25+layers of field data, using a SoilOptix(copyright sign) sensor.

Why do we provide SoilOptix© services to clients?
  • Highest resolution soil mapping on the market. Providing up to 335+ points of data per acre

  • Separating one field map into layers to see more in depth field data. 

  • Provides a detailed RTK drainage ready elevation mapping

  • A professional agronomy fertility and seeding plan. 

High Resolution Topsoil Mapping System:

SoilOptix© sensor measures the topsoil in passive gamma radiation. This means nothing has to contact the ground to measure the field conditions. For example, moisture content, power lines, crop residue, and snow have no effect on the field data read by the sensor. SoilOptix© is measuring the soil’s natural radiating energy. 

SoilOptix© provides you more:
  • Measures and maps all common nutrient properties. For example, pH levels, organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, boron, magnesium, chloride, and sodium.

  • Measures various soil textures. For example, percentages of clay, sand, and silt. 

  • Provides premium complex layers of plant available water, clubroot risk assessment, and terrain analysis. 

Contact our Agronomist Alica Chalmers for more information
office phone 1-306-322-7364